Update Your Kitchen

We offer three options when choosing to update your kitchen:

1.      Refinish your existing cabinetry.

2.      Resurface the existing boxes and buy new doors.

3.      Remodel the whole kitchen and get the kitchen of your dreams.

Budgets are tricky, and it is impossible to estimate without seeing your kitchen and knowing what direction and style you have in mind. However, a smaller budget does not mean you can’t have WOW factor in your renovation.

Refinishing your existing cabinets, using toners, shadowing the frames, or painting with glaze on an average kitchen will run from $3,800– $6,200. Ordering new doors and refinishing the existing boxes on site might run $6,500 – $11,000. A complete replace and remodel can run the gamut from $20,000 – $75,000, and maybe more if you include remodeling the floor plan, electrical, plumbing, etc.